Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Rescue: Canine Edition

Earlier today I was in my car on Waugh and West Gray when I look over and see two dogs dodging traffic. My heart stopped. My eyes were glued to the dogs valiantly attempting to cross the busy intersection. The lights weren't working so I had to wait my turn until I could u-turn to where they were. Once I pulled into the parking lot, three other people had also gathered around to try and help these lost doggies. It was amazing how trusting and friendly these people were. There was a young, hip couple in a black BMW. If I had seen them at the grocery store, I never would have taken them as dog people. They were effortlessly stylish. Then there was the "Male RN" (this was written on his plate) in his candy apple red convertible Mercedes and his lady friend. The man was 6'4 and flamboyantly gay. The moment I stepped out of my car he was drawling, "oh sweetie, welcome to the rescue par-tay!". Meanwhile I felt like a dowdy dweeb in my yoga pants and flip flops. But together we had the two canine buddies hop onto my car to take them home. It was our own little caravan- the beemer, the Benz and me looking for 1314 W Gray. Once we pulled into the driveway we allowed the dogs to roam around their backyard before putting them into the house (yes, the owners- who were out of town- left their doors open). The owners should be back by this afternoon with their two buddies safe and sound. I love happy endings!

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