Tuesday, October 14, 2008

22 Cupcakes for 22 Students?

I decided to share my Hello Kitty cupcakes with my students so as to not stuff my face with them all. Towards the end of the day I walked around and placed one cupcake on each desk for them to enjoy as they finished their work. Some time passed and I felt a tap on my back. I turn around to find Anthony saying, "Miss Garcia I didn't get a cupcake". I'd forgotten to count the cupcakes before I took them to school. I'd forgotten the small fact that I had shared them with my roommate. Heidi will now forever be haunted by sweet Anthony's deprived face. Heidi's response: "Fine! I'm never eating any of your food again!" Which propels me to bake sweets to tempt her.


camille said...

oh dear!

we should bake anthony some cupcakes...stat!

Leila! said...

hahahaha--this is HILARIOUS. i can just picture heidi's reaction.