Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009: Asinine?

Ok. Confession: I don't even really know how to use the word "asinine" correctly in a sentence but it rhymed with 'oh nine'. I do know "asinine" has something to do with lame, boring, menial.
I'm not implying that the year 2009 is shaping up to be asinine by any means. If anything, I'm more excited about this year taking place than I can remember in years past. But obviously my resolutions seem...well, asinine. I have the usual- lose weight (34 lbs. to be exact), pay off credit cards, become financially savvy, etc. Nothing original.
I feel I need to make a change, set a goal for something significant. Other than for vanity's sake. Or greed (the last two is all about the green). I'm going to be dwelling & searching. I hope to find the answer before 2010...


camille said...

perhaps you could resolve to blog more in 2009?

Leila! said...

i second what camille said :)