Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There's nothing I love more than finding new places. Whether they be to eat, hang out, shop, whatever- you mention it, if I'm intrigued, I'm there.
This place, Tacos To Go, is located on Main right next to the Continental Club. I've driven by millions of times and never did it occur to me that it would be a tex-mex joint. This time, instead of whizzing by on wheels, I walked by & did a double-take. The crazy banana lady (more on her tomorrow) and my hunger had me walking in. Come to find out, it was a treasure trove of Mexican awesomeness. I can't wait to go back.


camille said...

what a beautiful photo!
and i love loteria too!!! we should play sometime.

my favorite is "la dama"--she is so classy with her gloves.

nathanhoang said...

Tacos-A-Go-Go is surely the best place in Houston. Especially at 8:00 on a Thursday.

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Tacos A-go-go sounds like a 60's place, I'll probably pay a visit. Tacos though, the best tacos I've been are in a restaurant named "Taco Palenque" in McCallen, TX with bunch of magnificent salsas, cucumbers, jamaica water, and flour tortillas, a place out of this world, because is managed by aliens (chiefly south of Rio Grande).