Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lather, rinse, and do not repeat.

There are a number of things that can go wrong when getting into the shower:
Forgetting to lay out your towel before hopping out is one of them. There's nothing worse than having to drip your way to the linen closet leaving wet footprints all over the floor. This habit is magnified in the winter, when you shiver and soak the cold floor on the way to the closet.
There's also the annoyance of running out of soap, shampoo or other hygienic necessities while in the midst of bathing.This, if you're wise enough to stock these items in bulk, is easily remedied by carefully dashing to the cabinet and snatching the needed item back into your steaming shower. Those that are not prepared usually make do with hand soap (if they're lucky).
But the one true bathroom annoyance that really ticks me off is: hair product mix up. As a girl I feel the need to invest in my hair products. One cannot achieve good hair by skimping on something as vital as shampoo or conditioner. Therefore, I spend a reasonable chunk of change on attempting to tame my locks. Which is why when I reach for the shampoo and mistakingly squirt out a mini hill of conditioner I see red. You cannot, cannot condition your hair before cleansing your roots! It would defeat the purpose of the shower. It's shiny, bouncy hair one wishes to achieve. Not stringy, oily hair.
It is almost an impossible feat salvaging your error. No matter how hard you try to block the pulsing water with your back while simultaneously attempting to scrape the mound of conditioner off your palm back into its bottle, some of it is still wasted. And as it whirls down the drain without having touched human hair first, I can't help but mourn its loss.


allison. said...

it's so funny how universal those are because i can relate to each!

i also hate how you (the royal) always seem to run out of shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste, etc all at once leading to one huge target bill!

Leila! said...

Boy do I know how you feel!
In fact, just today I ran out of my I-would-die-without-this-hair-product product and freaked out.

Oscar el Mexicano said...

how about a check list posted in the shower door prior to take your shower? You can call your list: avoid annoyance for dummies! Besos - Pa

Oscar el Mexicano said...

what about slipping on a soap bar?

TempestBeauty said...

I cannot tell you how often I am guilty of this!

My trick? I use the lid from my shaving cream, and dump the conditioner inside. I then set it up away from the spray, so when I'm finally finished shampooing, I can scrape it back out into my hands.

Took me a few years to figure that one out. It is also necessary to have a shaving cream cap near by. :)