Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Ten Movies

As a follow up to the music that followed me througout the year, here is my list for best movies of 2009. Now, keep in mind, some of these may not have been released this year but it was the first time I watched them or I was just hooked. Once again, in no particular order:

1. 500 Days of Summer- to begin with the music in the movie is pretty spectacular. But, Joseph Gordon Elliot plays quintesential lovesick fool you just want to take home and cheer up.

2. Up- cry, laugh, clap, cheer with Mr. Fredrickson, Russell & Dug. I love them all! I hope to one day win an Ellie badge.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Jason Segel is a modern day renaissance man; watch his Dracula musical & I beg you to differ.

4. Burn After Reading- dark, twisted, hilarious.

5. The Proposal- definitely a "fluff" movie but it's Sandra Bullock doing what she does best: romantic comedy! Oh, and Ryan Reynolds sans shirt? Wow.

6. Julie & Julia- Meryl Streep & Amy Adams were amazing! The only downside was how hungry I was by the end of the movie...

7. Away We Go- true love, home and family.

8. Confessions of a Shopaholic- sweet and funny, I found Isla Fisher to be a perfect fit for Beckie.

9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine- this movie boils down to one man; Hugh Jackman.

10. ...I may need a recommendation to fulfill my list, please.

Top Ten failure,


allison. said...

after reading through your list i'm realizing how few movies i watched in 2009!

last night while picking a movie to watch with my mom, i told her i would put (500) days of summer on my top movies of 2009 list. that one was great! we opted for the proposal which is such a cute movie!

camille said...

i would cheer up jgl any day!

another great list with smart synopsis!

hmm, a list topper...
did you see sherlock holmes? i realize that it's new, but wow!

Francis Giampietro said...

Why in the hell are Julie and Julia and Away We Go lower on the list than The Proposal? Seriously what are you thinking?

Oh wait that's right shirtless...