Thursday, January 7, 2010

oral mix-up

Huge upside of living at home: witnessing my mom's hilarities. 

A perfect example took place this evening. My parents do not purchase toothpaste due to my dad's constant contribution from the many hotels he visits on his business trips. Therefore, the toothpaste comes in all shapes in sizes. 

My mom squeezed a pea size amount of paste and begin brushing, when all of a sudden she spit it out and started yelling at us in the living room. She by us and grabbed her reading glasses. Once on she realized that what she'd believed to be toothpaste was really shaving cream.

True story.


Leila! said...

Ah! Disgusting!
But makes for a great story!!

camille said...


that is terrifying.

making a mental note to double-check all potential toothpaste-looking tubes in my cabinet.

allison. said...

ohmygoodness! that really IS terrifying!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

I feel guilty, however it's the one and only tube I've ever had from a hotel, I think from the Intercontinental in Brazil. Did you feel her breath, was it sweet?

Hugs, kisses.