Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is sweet.

In preparation for tomorrow's Valentine Day parties, I am bringing a platter of a dozen cupcakes to share with my office peeps. I hope no one gets sick. I wasn't paying attention as I prepared the batter & instead of pouring in a third of oil into the mix, I put in half a cup...
I'd dump the treats all together but then my sweet little toppers would go to waste! And, to be quite honest, I ate one. It was pretty tasty albeit a teeny bit greasy. I hope my sweet tooth doesn't lead people astray.

Come this time tomorrow, we'll be cruising into Marfa. Thereby completing my first trip of February. 


camille said...

omg! where did you get those?
if you have an extra of the little typista, please save it for me.

she is darling.

enjoy your road trip! take photos to share.

dahnya said...

Cami, I saved 2 for you! They are patiently waiting on my bulletin board for you. :)

Leila! said...

Dahnya!! These are adorable! And they look like they taste good! Are they strawberry flavored??