Monday, March 22, 2010

Decorating SOS.

Ladies (and gentlemen) I am on the hunt for decorating blogs. Please direct me where to go for inspiration. Strangely enough, it was easier for me to locate wedding blogs than the decorating ones. You'd think more people would be decorating their homes versus getting married? No? Okay.

I have a few books & magazines, as well as clippings I've been keeping over the years that I'm currently using to map out ideas. However, I love seeing new twists and contrasting colors done by other people. Only because I have a limited budget and cannot afford to make too many painting mistakes. 

So, take pity and throw me a bone please? Merci! 


whitney said...

i'm sure you've seen design sponge, but i really enjoy going through the sneak peeks of others' houses for inspiration when i'm feeling anxious to redecorate.

good luck!

Leila! said...

Here are a couple:
(I am in love with this couple)

There are LOTS more out there. In fact you'll soon find out that design blogs are just as popular as wedding blogs. Sometimes one blog leads you to another, etc.

dahnya said...

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

Lei, you're so right about one blog leading you to another. I can't wait to go home and start exploring!

camille said...

i'm a terrible resource! i have never seen a design blog, but i'm excited for what you come up with.

whitney said...

ah, this one is pretty good, too:

they chronicle all of the huge renovations that they do on their new house, and get all kinds of good things at thrift stores. i think that she once said she wouldn't spend more than $25 on any single piece of furniture or decoration for their home. with exceptions, of course.

Heidi said...

I have no clue...

but I'm definitely bookmarking all the sites people have left, this is the perfect new obsession!

let me know when you feel like shopping around for furniture and decor! :)