Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dr. Simi, Claudia & me.

I just got back from a brief and jam-packed trip to Hermosillo. Highlights include:

.checking things off the wedding to-do list (best feeling ever)
.eating amazing food (my jeans are a bit snug thanks to the trip now)
.catching up with my crazy (loving) family
.souvenir shopping (it's too much fun to not do it)
.participating in my very first (and only) Mexican bridal shower! I'm awaiting pictures from the photographer.
.dancing with Dr. Simi...

If you have grandparents or family members on expensive medication, Farmacias Similares is the place to go. They have the generic version of a plethora of drugs. It is thanks to them that my mom's medicine cabinet is stockpiled with all sorts of medical wonders. I try to stay away from it but, every once in a while, when I can no longer breathe, I turn to it for help. However, above all else, my sister and I love to stop by Farmacias Similares for this:

There's nothing better than walking the streets of downtown Hermosillo with bags full of goodies & good company. And a hug from Dr. Simi, for good measure.

1 comment:

Leila! said...

This is incredibly amusing Dahnya!
He looks so happy!

And you look so happy in that picture!!

Farmacias Similares -- wow! I feel like this is some well kept secret. It's a good thing I'm not a prescription drug addict.