Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simply the best.

This is why I love Anthropologie:

Not only do they have beautiful clothing, interesting lay outs, and eclectic items for your home...they also have spectacular customer service. A few weeks ago, I went to my neighboring (well as close to it as I can get at the moment) Anthro. While there I created the perfect outfit- only to find that the shirt was too big. I poked my head out the dressing room door and asked the sales lady, Michelle, for the smaller size. Come to find out, they were out of the particular color I wanted. They did have the medium in black, though..."would I wish to try it on" while they checked online and other stores? Sure. 

The medium was a better fit but the color was not. Upon arriving to the register I was informed that sadly, no raspberry top had been located in the nearby stores but that they would continue the search and notify me if it were found. 

Fast forward to Saturday night. 

I received a call from an out of state (or city) number. Normally, I do not answer numbers that are not already imprinted into my phone but because I had been waiting for a particular call, I answered. It was the Anthro from Baton Rouge calling to inquire if I was still interested in the raspberry top. 

I had given up all hope of ever encountering the shirt again. In fact, I was in the process of keeping my eyes peeled for a top in a similar cut and color only to have them call out of the blue to say they had not forgotten about me! The stunned joy in my voice must have been contagious because the voice on the other end was not only laughing with me (or at me, that's cool) he was the epitome of the gracious salesman. So much so, that this sweet note was included in the box I received this afternoon. 

It's the little things that matter. And it's the little things that add up to make the difference. 

Which is why, I shall continue to happily part ways with my paycheck at my beloved Anthro. Their creative, thoughtful (and let's face it, money larking) ways win my heart over and over again. 

Faithful shopper, 

*Disclaimer: this was not a message paid and brought to you by the Anthropologie company.


camille said...

they are nothing if not classy.

anthro is my hero.

whitney said...

so thoughtful! wish i could spend every penny there.

Francis Giampietro said...

With those prices it wouldn't take much. You definitely pay for that awesome customer service.

Leila! said...

Wow! They really need to be made into a case study in marketing class...
My classes always focused on Nordstrom's awesome customer experience/service (which I adore), but Anthro seems right up there!

Heidi said...

Its good to see that a place as amazing as Anthro has equally amazing customer service... it makes the crazy prices slightly easier to rationalize.