Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bursting at the seams!

This morning I opened up my email and found a message from a friend sending me to the Houston Chronicle. I clicked on the link and found to my shock & delight the following picture:

On our way out the door while at the CAMH's gala, we stopped and posed for one of their photographers (they had at least four constantly moving about). There are three things I love about this picture:

1. If you look carefully you can see a streak of soot on Fran's right cheek. An endearing reminder of why we were there in the first place. 
2. We were captioned as "Francis and Dahnya Giampietro"- a first name sighting (!!!)
3. Fran's deer in the headlights look. 

It is with absolute giddiness that I eagerly await what the future has in store for us. Whether it be our Wednesday Dexter nights or over-the-top galas; it all is magnified when I share it with you.  

I love you, my Francis.


Leila! said...

Beautiful Dahnya! Beautiful!
And when I read y'alls names together, under one last name -- I got giddy for you!!

Heidi said...

Such an exciting moment for an amazing couple! I can't wait for you both to experience married bliss! :)

Patty Sanchez said...

Love it! You guys look gorgeous on this picture!!