Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010: a marriage odyssey

FYI, Fran and I are jumping on the marriage blogging band wagon. 

Our goal is to update it once a week, together. Considering this semester will have us in and out of the house at different intervals due to our schedules, it will be interesting to see what arises. Ultimately though, I am happy knowing that I will fall asleep with him by my side and wake up to his sleepy smile. 

Of all the wedding pictures this is the one that evokes the most memories. For starters, we were both sweating rivers. I had just lost four buttons from the back of my dress upon sitting on the ancient car's ledge and the tendrils I had forgotten to mention to my hair lady are prominently displayed. However, the goofy grins of pure delight are completely genuine and ones I hope we keep lit for the rest of our lives. Because when I see my husband, that is exactly how I feel inside each and every time. Even when he forgets to refill the Brita pitcher. 


Anonymous said...

This is a great picture!! I wish you guys nothing but goofy smiles and happiness...

Heidi said...

Yea! I can't wait to read your new blog! Let the obsession begin!