Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Procrastination, revisited

An opportunity has arisen but in order for it to come to life I must take the GRE

For those of you who have gone through the ordeal, do you have any words of advice? My biggest fear is definitely the math section. Right now my plan is:

  • purchase bright highlighters
  • purchase fresh Sharpies
  • purchase crisp new legal pads to take notes on
  • purchase fun post its
  • load up on pumpkin spice lattes
  • hit up my local bookstore, camp out & study my brains out

Notice that leading up to the studying there's a lot of purchasing...Staples, here I come! It's to try and offset the $160 registration fee. Sheesh.


Heidi said...

I would say that my best advice is to CALM DOWN! I didn't do very well because I was literally in the hospital with chest pains the week before - yes, those were due to stress. Oh, and start studying ahead of time! :) You should be fine! Good luck!

Becca said...

Do a little bit every day. Every. Day. Even if it's 5 pages, or 5 questions.

Do things repetitively. Re-read sections that you thought you got the first time but weren't sure on.

And yes, DON'T PANIC. Have confidence in yourself. You're a smart, clever, quick lady.

You'll do spectacularly!

Sarah said...

Make sure the book you are studying from is a good one! I was super nervous and read mine cover to cover and did lots of studying. Unfortunately I was unaware of the fact that my book was missing some key details about taking the test...like, no calculators. Sounds silly, but it's true, In all my practicing I was using a calculator. When I arrived at the test I was, what's the word? Shocked! So that one didn't go so well...buuuuut, one can always take the GRE twice :)

Emily said...

good luck! i psyched myself out about the math and ended up doing better in that than verbal (what?!!).

take as many practice tests as you can! study the math a little, but study the verbal more. memorize as MANY words as humanly possible.

my favorite study book was "gre: for dummies" it gave a really good explanation of how the test is structured. which that in itself is tricky. it's computerized and a "progressive test" so each question you get right gets progressively harder. yikes! but you'll do great. just relax and breathe! (sorry for my long explanation!)

Lana said...

You can totally rock this test. I would do a little each day, don't cram! I have two really good books with several practice tests and a website that has tutorial sessions if you need them. Good Luck!

pro said...

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Leila! said...

Story of my life. I'm going through the same thing with the GMAT.
I'm going to just print this entry out and copy you.
You lead the way!