Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you, 27 times over

Today, on the day of my birth, there is really only one thing that springs to mind and it is utter gratitude to the two people who have made my existence on this planet possible. 

It is hard to put into words just how indebted I am to them for everything they have sacrificed for me. My entire life has been one easy uphill journey, all courtesy of their hard work, love and unquestioning belief in me. There is nothing I can say or do to properly thank them for molding me into the person I am except to try and emulate the two people who are nothing but generosity, happiness and love. Even their most annoying quirks (my tendency to be anal retentive and absent-minded are directly inherited from each) are their most precious and without them in my life, I would be nothing. 

Asi que, mama, papa, muchas gracias por estar presente en mi vida. Gracias a ustedes dos intento imitar ese mismo amor por la vida que ustedes transmiten dia a dia. Los quiero mucho! 

(no encontre una de los 3!)



Rox said...

No puedo reaccionar, estoy llorando :/
Solo puedo decirte que hace 27 aƱos cuando te pusieron en mis brazos, en la situacion tan precaria y en los lugare mas lejanos me pusieron en mis brazos a la cosita mas bella e indefensa y llorando de felicidad (como ahorita) prometimos quererte y cuidarte y estar a tu lado siempre que nos necesites. Con la lucha que pusiste al nacer, sabia que eras una criatura enviada por Dios para nacer, brillar y ser una criaturita de luz previligiada por Dios. Felicidades a toda una Sra Giampietro, yupiiii tu primer cumple al lado de ese ser maravilloso que escojiste por esposo, los Quiero Mucho
Mami orgullosa :D

Becca said...

:-) Sweet!

Heidi said...

You do have the sweetest parents! Everything you wrote is so nice and heartfelt (well, I'm assuming. I really need to learn spanish....)

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Time flies when you are having fun, and even if you are not having, how beautiful words coming from your big heart, and there is nothing to thank, just like your Mom, is a lifetime committment from us to you, Claudia and Oscarin we just want the best for you, or simply the way you described it perfectly: Have an easy uphill battle in life.

From the moment I saw you, I knew you were going to be a great human being, and I feel privileged to be your Dad.

Love, hugs.