Friday, December 24, 2010

Baking bonanza!

In honor of tonight's dinner (cochinita pibil and all the merry Mexican accompaniments) I thought it was time to attempt the sopapilla cheesecake recipe a friend had a sent me a few days back. Not only was it extremely easy to make, it was worth every lick of the batter! And the stomachache that came after all that sugar...

Cheesecake heaven.

But, in a family of sweet-aholics, one dessert is not enough. Therefore, I attempted another recipe that had come highly recommended: Oreo balls

Magic in a bowl.

The making of the balls was messy and tedious. The hardware had to come off.

They may not be much to look at (I found I do not have a hand- or patience- for chocolate dipping) but, the sound of Oreo cookies, dipped in chocolate and then lined with white chocolate has me dying to sneak a bite. 

Wishing you all a wonderful evening. May it be filled with good food, good people and tons of merriment. Happy Christmas Eve!


Emily said...

oreo cookie balls! how have i NOT heard of these before?!

cookie exchange, perhaps?

Dahnya said...

We should totally do that, Emily!!! Sometime in January?

Emily said...

yay! january works great for me!

Heidi said...

yum! looks so delicious! Save me one! :)