Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cutie for my cuties!

After two and a half months of hard work, tons of practice, lots more hair pulling and an absolutely amazing challenge: my fourth graders are up for their first (of three) writing TAKS practice. The day of reckoning will be on March 1st- so, if you happen to remember, please send every single good thought their way. 

I believe in them. We just have to keep the momentum going! 

*I am not opposed to bribery. Although, clementines may not really be the way to their heart...I just couldn't think of another catchphrase so late in the game. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Delena said...

That is so cute! I love clementines! Look at you giving them fruit. Man I can't believe its already TAKS, aren't they getting rid of that according to my mom they are. I admire you for being a teacher both my parents were educators but they discouraged from going into education because of the bureaucratic BS you have to deal with, with school boards and laws and governors who cut spending! My mom has not has a raise in 3 years. >:( greater then colon parenthesis!!!

Heidi said...

I wish you were my teacher, I know the kids must adore you! I'll be sending good vibes your way!