Monday, January 3, 2011

December faves

A teeny bit belated but, with the new hubbub of the year I had not gotten a chance to contemplate the little things that brightened the twelfth month of 2010:

Merry mail! There is nothing I love more than receiving a jolly note in the mail & one month of the year guarantees hand written notes with every trip to the mailbox.

As much as it hurts the tips of my fingers, toes and ears: the coldest time of the year also allows for my favorite drink. Chocolate caliente (if you have not had Mexican hot chocolate, you are missing out and need to come to Mildred now where we have plenty).

Joel McHale. Chevy Chase. Random pop culture references. Buckets of sarcasm. Spanish rapping. I cannot get enough of Community

The chola in me asked for gold hoop earrings and my dear husband kindly responded with a lovely pair. However, I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve because I think I may be a bit more enthralled with the antique box they came in...maybe...

They say the best gifts are those you do not think to ask for & the world is right. I was a bit apprehensive upon receiving an electronic book. After all, I consider myself a book lover in all aspects of the term- the feel, the smell (except for old musty ones), the typeset, the colors, the content, etc. however; my world has been transformed. If you have ever finished the first book of a series and been left gasping for more...this is the gadget for you, my friend. It's been two weeks and already I have kindled my way through three books and eagerly seeking more. 

I cannot wait to share one of my favorites of January at the end of the's just as amazing as the kindle but in a completely different way. With that cryptic ending, how's the new year treating you? I hope it's full of joy and color!


Francis said...

It was actually a antique hardware box, go me!

Leila! said...

Dahnya! You got the kindle???
I'm seriously thinking about getting the nook... but I haven't been able to get over the idea of a paperless book. Keep us updated on how you're liking it!

Emily said...

i am kind of scared of the kindle...yes please keep us updated on it! i am curious!

Heidi said...

Mexican hot chocolate, here I come!

Becca said...

1) Mexican Hot Chocolate!!! I wants!!!

2) I am slowly edging closer to being alright with the idea of a Kindle/Nook...I'm such a loyalist, I'd feel so guilty reading books on there.