Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mildred's new friend!

Thursday night was All King's Day and Mildred was buzzing with news of a potential new addition. While eating cake, names were being texted, listed and ferociously discussed with all members of the Garcia-Giampietro family. 

Friday had Fran running around Petco and Target attempting to gather the essentials for our future puppy. The moment I arrived home, he jumped in the car and we zoomed off to pick up Logan/Doakes (the final name contenders).  The moment I spotted Doakes through the window of the vet's office, I fell in love. But then to walk in and see the joy that transformed Fran's face, that love tripled. 

I must confess to being a bit jealous of the instant bond these two BFFs formed. Doakes will not leave Fran's side. The few times Fran has left Mildred for work, Doakes will sit in front of the window staring for minutes before realizing that his beloved master has left him. To which he will then enter his cage and mope. Meanwhile, I'm left rambling to him in Spanish as I putter around the house. 

Other than doggy doo in the living room, Doakes has proven himself to be an excellent puppy (a husky sixty pound baby). He responds to "sit" and "stay", has not attempted to climb on our furniture and loves to wake you up with doggy kisses (his head is level with our bed) which leads me to believe he was previously in another caring home (I refuse to think he could have been abandoned). He also loves to lie down next to our Christmas tree (perhaps he fancies himself an environmentalist). 

Here's to sunny winter days in the park with my stinky Doakes (his flatulence is hazardous)! Now, I'm off to read the Dog Whisperer for inspiration...


Heidi said...

He sounds like a perfect puppy so far. I'm so excited for you both, having a dog is so much fun and will make your relationship even better!

(think of all the positive when you're cleaning his mess off the floor and pulling him out of your garbage can)


Emily said...

yay puppy! sgt. doakes looks so lovable and sweet! what a great addition to mildred (and your family!) i can't wait to meet him!

Leila! said...

How fun.
Puppies are the best.

Leila! said...


Becca said...

How exciting!!!

Tell me you named him Doakes after the same name character from Dexter...haha!!!

I can't wait to meet him...despite his flatulence!

Francis said...

Yes we did! Sgt. James mutha fuckin' Doakes. I also got him a new food that we are transitioning him onto and he is already smelling less bad (It was never that bad to me but I can't smell).

P.S. He sits by the window when Dahnya leaves too.