Monday, January 24, 2011

Pie in the Heights

Yesterday we celebrated Pie Day on 19th street. Between antiquing, drinking free beer and passing on over priced pies, it made for a wonderful day with the family. The pop to the day? Definitely the giant popped kernel suspended in the lobby of the M Gallery. Here's a short peek into the day...


The only blip to the stroll? Creepy dolls a'begging:

 I know. I'm having nightmares too.


Emily said...

pie?! yet another reason we need to move (closer) to the heights!

ps - how do you find out about all these great heights events?

Dahnya said...

You should! As far as where I get my scoop: it's a combination of Houston tidbits, the heights page on Facebook, tge houston press and good old googling!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

The pies were small in size, large in price, and I was almost floating for a raspberry one, but instead I had a glass....or better yet a cup of cold beer that made me dizzy. Great day I agree, I had a lot of fun with my daughters and wife. Not sure if Oscarin would've have such a good time!

Hugs, love

Francis said...

Working weekends definitely has it's major downfalls.