Friday, January 28, 2011

Where in the George?!

The other day (while hitting up the refresqueria near Mildred) I received a few dollar bills in change. The three dollars stayed in my wallet for a while until I had ended up making a quick run to the store- I was about to pay with my loose change, when orange ink caught my eye. 

My curiosity peaked, I aggravated the cashier by suddenly switching gears and asking for the debit option. It was completely worth the grimace I was given (company will remain unnamed because they are still awesome, lousy customer service or not). That evening I came home and typed in

Yes, they did ask for my email but...come to find out that my George came on down from the grand old state of New York! Or at least he was there back in February of 2007. 

Which translates to me, being the only other geek to register the buck in over three (almost four) years. Wow. Where's the sense of adventure, people?

It's the little things that I find entertaining, apparently.


Heidi said...

I've never heard of that website! How neat! Hopefully George doesn't fill your inbox with spam now :)

Nicole said...

you know, that reminds me, Dahnya, you and Fran may really love this. If you haven't already heard of this, you will love this thing called Geocaching....its a website that you can join and people ALL over the WORLD, including you, can hide little treasures in plain sight and log the coordinates of them (easily tracked by most GPS systems). As you search for geocaches in your area, you get to track your progress. And some of them have cash prizes and goodies in side that you can take! Now, there are rules and things that you have to follow, but its a really neat geo game that you can play whereever you are whenever you want! Check it out! I recently hunted one down by the Rothko Chapel!

Francis said...

Yeah Geocaching is pretty cool. I've heard alittle about it. It sounds like allot of people would use it to sell drugs or a least smuggle them with it.

Leila! said...

I love this website Dahnya! I use to kind of partake in this, but then I stopped. I think I'll take it back up again.