Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby bonanza

The last of the baby shower bonanzas took place and I must admit to being rather sad to see the baby planning end. 


It's funny how all three are due to be girls...and how at each event the inevitable question for the "Giampietro bambino" was uttered. Alas, world, as cute as babies are: the joys of working in education include daily interactions with the repercussions of bad parenting. Until Doakes masters "stay" I cannot quite see Mildred housing a nursery. 

In the meantime, baby sitting three of the most beautiful baby girls will suffice. I cannot wait to meet them all! 


Delena said...

Yeah I know how you feel Dahnya you get married then they ask not even a year later soooooooo when will be expecting the bundles of joy. Well now we are ready but no one asks they are like oh we just thought you were content with a dog jeeze people we wanted to enjoy our company first, which I recommend 4 years is a good time.

Emily said...

Ditto! Kids can wait, pups are more fun! :)

Leila! said...

Best birth control is babysitting, or teaching!