Friday, February 18, 2011

Brag book, volume 1

Let's be realistic, the volumes of this brag book may well go into the hundreds but spare a proud doggy owner a bone why dontcha and just admire the cutie patootie that is our Doaksie boy!

Patiently awaiting his arrival towards the Menil.

He loved walking in the maze.

But, he especially loved chewing (and demolishing) the branches Fran found for him to munch on.

Our Dogo Argentino & I. That's right, he's not an American bulldog like we thought! Thanks to Gen we discovered (via an evolution of dog documentary) that Doakes is a boar hunter. I'm just happy his original owners did not clip his cute little gremlin ears!


Darla said...

whatta sweet baby! he has to meet remi

Emily said...

What a sweet puppy dog! :)

Francis said...

I'm still not totally sure about this Dogo vs. A. Bulldog dilemma.