Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brit invasion!

Art date night took place. As with most art openings food, drinks and good company abounded. 

The Houston Streats truck was awaiting us upon arriving at the CAMH. Don't let the "truck" name deceive you. These guys are true food buffs. 

I ordered the monte cristo balls (*snicker*) and they were tiny bits of heaven. Deep fried turkey sandwiches topped with powdered sugar which you could then dunk into their sweet raspberry jam. My mouth is watering as I type! As hard as it was to choose amidst the menu items (it all looked so good!), I also ordered the truffle parmesan fries and Fran went the haute dog route. Win, win, win. I just wish I'd had room for the dulce de leche brownie.
Neat tidbit: with your order you get a teeny Houston Streats temporary tatoo. These guys have Fran pegged down to a 't'.

And then for the best part (okay, almost as good as the food): 

I may be married to an art nerd but, this does not mean that every opening I attend has me raving about the pieces exhibited. In fact, to be quite frank, most times it leaves me perplexed and anxious to burn the pieces, they're so bad and pretentious. But this time, I am urging you to take two hours of your weekend to scope these two brits out. First perk? It's free. Second perk? It's extremely witty. 

I must caution you though. I spent at least 20-25 minutes in front of each piece mesmerized. The particular video I illegally caught on camera has 5 different screens projected with at least three dozen different videos running at the same time (cue zombie Dahnya in front of each screen). Wood and Harrison took the nondescript and turned it into fun and at times laugh out loud (aka lol) minute long clips. I won't give you the specifics, just so you can go see it for yourself.

Don't forget to ask for Francis as your docent. 

If nothing else, join me and my class Saturday afternoon. I'm bringing my elite writers to the museum as a treat!


Francis said...

Best Date Night ever! You didn't include the Chocolate Bar, I am stunned! It's almost as if you forgot about that giant piece of cake you ate all by yourself.

Dahnya said...

Damn you. Who needs a conscience when I have you?