Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming soon!

Pardon my real housewife moment but, my prayers have been answered! 

I love living in Mildred and her surrounding neighborhood. I feel safe. I like my neighbors. I love the parks. The culture. The atmosphere. However. I have yet to find a grocery store within a 5 mile radius of Mildred that I like shopping in. 

The Fiesta, less than a mile away, is poorly stocked.
The Kroger, about three miles away, is always crowded and has disgruntled employees. 
The Wal-Mart, six miles, is...I hate to say it...ghetto. Not to mention beyond crowded. I can always catch up on the gossip magazines while waiting in line there. 
This leaves me with the farmer's market (which is great but, does not carry the other non-leafy essentials). 

Therefore, when I read the sign at my beloved neighborhood Target, I whooped (internally)! I hope it is not a let down because I can only begin to imagine the masses that will descend upon the upcoming Whole Foods on Waugh. 


Emily said...

is this the Target on Taylor/Watson? If so, yay!

Heidi said...

Hooray!!!! Although grocery shopping at target is always dangerous, I always end up wandering through all the aisles!

Leila! said...

I find some nice random finds at Target!! Congrats Dahnya!

Becca said...

Yay!!!! I <3 Target!