Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars! & Banksy

Late last night, Fran and I found ourselves browsing through Netflix and came across Exit Through the Gift Shop (best documentary nominee). I streamed it with absolutely no expectations of greatness. I'm not going to say Bansky is the number one artist in my book but, the film did a great job highlighting street artists. I think the best part of the film is the way they show the artist's mode of working. 

It's absolutely amazing watching Banksy free form one of his famous mice on cardboard with a paper cutter. If you have ever tried paper cutting before, you can appreciate the precise movements and talent that is showcased. However, keep in mind that the movie will not focus on him but on a bumbling little Frenchman*. 

The Paranoid Pictures logo is genius.

Ultimately what I loved best about ETGS was the debate it sparked upon concluding. Obviously with a husband who is an artist, my contribution was a bit stilted but it did lead to a lot of googling & wikipedia'ing on my part. And, who doesn't love a movie that keeps you thinking long after rolling the credits? 

PS: The movie confirmed my suspicions: I did spot Banksy's while in Dublin!

Along the Dublin canal

Along Morehampton Road

*NPR's movie review does a spot on job of critiquing the movie.


Delena said...

Hey I don't know if you guys are interested but my cousin's best friends have a shop called Real Street Kloze and they have a guy who does graffiti art and its pretty cool he has a class too but they show stuff about it all the time. Website here yes it is very La RAZA 3rd Coast but they are really nice.

Becca said...

Thanks for reminding me about that movie! I heard about it awhile ago and had meant to watch it ever since! Added to queue!