Sunday, March 20, 2011

Closing time.

Alas, the time has come. Spring break is finito. Done. Over. 

Back to early mornings. 
Late tutorials.
Endless meetings.

However, I must admit, I do miss some (key word) of the kids. The hardest part is just waking up so early. I could be wrong but, maybe if work started at 9, I wouldn't whine so much. When my alarm goes off at 5- every instinct in me writhes with absolute horror. Only 53 more days and I can go back to rolling out of bed minus an alarm and spending endless time with Fran and Doakes. Summer, I can smell you now!

In other news: 
my neighbors have aroused the busybody in me. The possibilities as to what they could be doing abounds: digging a homemade pool, searching for treasure, burying a corpse, burying evidence...


Heidi said...

"burying a corpse" - bwahahahahah! You are so funny!

Ahhh, It must be so nice to have summers off! Now we can go have lunch together and you can come down and we can tan by the pool on all the days I have off during the week!

Becca said...

Pond? Which would suck...hello, snakes and potential gators!

Emily said...

foundation repairs? i'm stumped too!

Francis said...

A tree feel during the Rita or one of the hurricanes and they are just now half-assedly filling in the hole.

Leila! said...

I love that Fran comes in with the real explanation. It's more fun with the other possibilities! :)

I hear you about the waking up early thing. I think I would enjoy my job more if I got to sleep in and be more refreshed. You are so lucky to have summers off!