Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bookin' part II

The past few days have flown by and my mind is just barely starting to catch up to the events that have ocurred. 

For starters, the coolest person I know (Fran!) is currently sitting on a plane bound for Japan! I know. How awesome is that?! The supportive wife in me is jumping up & down with excitement but then the little girl in me is yelling, "I want to go too!" while stomping her foot. But, it's okay because the deal is that he will channel my shutter-obsessive-tendencies the two weeks he's there along with bringing me back an original Hello Kitty souvenir. 

It's only day 1 and already Fran's furry bff is missing him already.

In other news, the HPL annual book sale took place this weekend (3rd year running). My in-laws were gracious enough to accompany me to the $10 brown bag special. It was a little disappointing to arrive at the GRB and see a sparse number of empty tables but I can't complain. 
I still came out with a healthy tower of reading supplies! 
Including an international edition of the coolest of all wizards (no, not Gandalf)

Also, thanks to my mother in law's suggestion, we detoured to an estate sale. It was my first time ever pulling over and browsing. If you have not been: you are missing out, my friend! I could hit myself just thinking about the past estate sale signs I have driven by in the past. Oh, the things I could have brought home! Somehow, I kept a level head and came home with a few items that did not break the bank:
Not that I need more books but I could not leave these two antiques behind. The colors. The style. The look. The price ($4 for both). Welcome to Mildred, pretties!

But the best find? This beautifully ornate $10 mirror. Yup. TEN DOLLARS. Using Doakes as a measuring tool is not the best of ideas, since he obviously dwarfs everything in his vicinity, but I am so excited about the possibilities for this piece. 

And, last but not least: it's official! I am heading on over to KIPP as of June 6th.
I am a bit nervous (hence the crooked smile) but I cannot wait for what's in store- bring it*!

*please don't come back to bite me.


Darla said...

lucky fran! and lucky you for anticipating a hello kitty org! so sweet, remi missed connor when he was in san diego-- it goes against what st. thomas' phil classes taught us, but i really think that pets are capable of remembering us even when they don't physically sense us. you know?

and CONGRATS on kipp! you're going to do great!

Becca said...

What a blast!!! I need to go to more Estate sales...there's a great show called Cash & Cari on one of those type channels and she runs Estate sales and also refurbishes furniture. She's very charismatic!

Emily said...

Congrats to you both!! Sounds like exciting things are happening for you guys. :)