Sunday, July 31, 2011

july faves

Every time the end of the month rolls around, I feel like I have only just posted my latest favorites from the prior month. I only hope I am truly taking the time to appreciate the present when August, September, October and November roll around because starting the 8th, I know I'll be mentally counting down for December...

Party Down. Thanks to a Netflix suggestion I clicked on this show one afternoon only to find that I was still watching the series finale at 8 o'clock the next morning. Yes, that is correct. I watched the entire series because it was that good. If my sleep deprivation story didn't sell you, this should: from the makers that brought you Freaks & Geeks. Go watch it.

My Mildred to-do summer list has been virtually untouched thanks to these guys. These are just a few of the books I have devoured this past month. All young adult. With the exception of the Dessen books, all series. I really could not put them down! I definitely suggest the Ghost & Goth series. Please do not let the cover (or title) put you off. Initially off put by both, the sales girl at Borders (*sniff*) convinced me it was worth my time (and money). I wish I could find her to recommend more books because it was a win!

I could blame it on the heat. Or my free time. Or the fact that maybe I am addicted's been mojito night pretty much every night for the past month. At least that was the case, until we ran out of rum the other evening. I took it as a sign. But I sure to miss that tangy sweetness.

One great thing that has occurred this summer has been daily nights in with home cooked food! They have been a success and have me craving for more. Hopefully I will soon see some sort of difference in my waistline?

The thing I will miss most about this summer? Spending endless time with my boys. It's been nice to not be tired and cranky after a long day at work and actually spend quality time with both of them. 

July, I will miss you! All the adventures and lazy days I was able to experience throughout this month will certainly help me get through my first year as a 2nd grade teacher. It begins in one week. Yikes!


Becca said...

Party Down = added to the queue. I'm excited! Just as your freedom is ending, mine is beginning this Sunday! After I take my exam I plan to spend more time than proper with my Netflix queue. :-)

Emily said...

Okay, adding Party Down to the queue. Those mojitos look lovely. Recipe?