Sunday, November 6, 2011

sept. & oct. faves

I believe the blogging coma speaks for itself: life at Mildred has been beyond busy. I have missed keeping up with the internet but unless a website has an app (ie: pinterest, facebook, instagram) it has not been on my radar. I am going to work on balancing things a bit more these coming weeks which means that hopefully I'll be back on a more regular schedule. In the meantime, here are the material things that have made life a bit sweeter the past few months...

Back in late August I stopped by Sephora to pick up a few cosmetic supplies. Turns out my reward points had added up to give me a free gift- I chose the Laura Mercier tinted illuminating moisturizer without really thinking much of it (the three choices seemed rather paltry). I have been using it in lieu of foundation (and moisturizer) this entire time (three months). It's amazing. I feel it gives my skin a creamier, healthier glow. Every morning as I apply it, I think "this is it soon you're going to have to buy a full size at full price" and nope. It's the energizer bunny of make up! 

I have good news & I have bad news in regards to Motif soap. The good news? The bottle is gorgeous. The soap smells clean and fresh (while doing its job, leaving you squeaky clean). It's reasonably priced at $3.99. The bad news? I used to be able to find it at Target. Yesterday when I stopped in to stock up: they were out! I was so bummed, I even drove to another Target in the hopes of finding it there with no luck. If you know where I can physically shop for it again, please send me the news! 

I may not be having much of a social life at the moment but that has not hindered my reading. I'm not quite sure how I came across Kristan Higgins' novels but I originally read all her novels on my kindle. I loved her books so much, I am now working on collecting the physical copies. Good ol' fashioned romances with no steamy sex scenes (for you prudies, out there), laugh out loud scenes and the occasional sob fest. If you decide to take me up on the recommendation, I would definitely say Until there was you was my favorite of the bunch. I literally couldn't put it down! So much so that I would attempt to covertly read the story on my phone's kindle app during recess. Shhh....bad teacher. Luckily there were no incidents that day, so don't fret.

Yogi tea came into my life thanks to my lil' sis and her yoga studio. It has revolutionized my tea drinking! First, it's delicious. The blueberry flavor is my absolute favorite- it's fragance does a good job waking me up in the mornings. The best part: each tea pouch comes with an inspirational quote! It's like a fortune cookie but without the calorie filled dinner beforehand. For a while I kept pestering Claud to pick me up a box every few weeks until I realized that the Kroger near Mildred carried their products in the vegan/hippie aisle (not quite sure how I came to be walking through there). 

Netflix may be in the crapper but bless them for bringing The Walking Dead into our instant stream. Oh my God. People. If you have not watched this show, brace yourself! Yes, it can scare the beejezus out of you- multiple times. Yes. You may very well stop breathing for a good portion of the show due to the suspense but it is GOOD. So good, that Fran and I are considering getting cable just to be able to watch season 2. 

And, finally, to end on a mushy note: my Francis. The inundation of work I am currently attempting to stumble through would have completely eclipsed every joy I have in my life if it were not for this man. He's literally my rock. He has listened, wiped my tears, hugged me, loved me, pampered me, made me laugh and dragged me out to enjoy the little things without a single complaint these past few months. I know I say it many times but I mean it when I say, I am so lucky to have married this man. He is truly the best!

PS: thankfully, the Pancho Villa mustache was a three day phase. 


Becca said...

Pancho Villa, bahahahahaha.

Such a good man! Yay, husband!

Glad to see a POST! It was refreshing to read. :-)

I certainly hope you can find a happier path over the next few months, my friend!

Francis said...