Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to a rambling start.

It all started because of Nathan. Facebook alerted me to his newly minted website. My curiosity was peaked because, well, Nate’s an interesting fellow. After reading and commenting, I realized that I miss the livelihood of the blog world. Typing this- no, thinking this- makes feel just a tad bit ridiculous but what are you to do, eh? Aside from the ‘hoda (and Schroder) inspiration, this morning I was reading on the Drudge about the oldest blogger in the world who just celebrated her 108th birthday. Is it just me or does it seem that each year keeps whizzing by faster than the previous one? I wonder if when I live to see my 90th year of life (I’m an optimist) I’ll think to myself, “it seems like just yesterday I was starting my second year of teaching”. Seriously, last week I was doing a lesson on shading fractions & while I was up at the board I was hit by a two by four with total déjà vu . This may be pointless but I can clearly picture what I was wearing the day I taught that lesson (my AE khaki pants with my pink polo) in October of 2006. In fact, I was having a terrible hair day and hoping I had no parent conferences later that day—because really, who wants their kid taught by someone with frizzy hair, right? Ah, second year. That’s fodder for another day. I really hope my sarcasm is shining through. And if it’s not, well, I never claimed to be Mark Twain.


camille said...


welcome to the blogspot world.

i know that i will love your posts! you are such a great writer.

and, yes, i agree that time flies! it's scary.

allison. said...

hi dahnya!

i can already tell i'll enjoy reading this blog!

camille said...

come back to us!