Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wardrobe Woes

I found a pair of navy blue slacks at Macy's last weekend for $4.99- originally $60. It was an extremely exciting find. However, I finally wore them and found to my disappointment that they are a siren's call to lint. I hate that. I can't very well walk around with my lint brush everywhere I go. Have you ever had a pair of pants where the zipper is faulty & therefore always leaving your nether regions in an embarassing (and drafty) situation? I remember once when I was a sophomore in high school I had a pair of Tommy Hilfiger slacks (he was all the rage at my school at the time). But they had the humiliating tendency to undo themselves anytime I would sit. Standing up and smoothly pulling up the tab was by no means easy. Needless to say they earned a permanent place in my closet and at some point later in time donated to charity. My mom was so mad- but she never seemed to understand that the zipper didn't misbehave while in the dressing room. However, I must confess to having worn overalls my high school years. Open flies were the least of my worries. In my defense, they were damn comfortable!

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camille said...

oh dear!

i hate wardrobe malfunctions.
however, i LOVE great bargains.