Thursday, June 12, 2008


I went to my very first facial yesterday afternoon. I literally bounced into the spa I was so excited. I had been contemplating having my face pampered for a while and then finally I took the plunge and made the appointment. Should you choose to indulge in such a treat you please do your research. Asking the spa employees is certainly not enough. Since pain is relative, what one may consider a pinch, someone else may feel non-stop troweling sensations. In case there are any questions as to where I fall into, allow me to clarify: it was the troweling sensation. My skin feels squeaky clean. It's comparable to the texture of a clean, baby's bottom. At this moment the phrase, "beauty is pain" feels like a complete understatement. My follow-up appointment takes place next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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Leila! said...

The more facials you have the less it hurts because eventually they get rid of the black heads, etc. and then they just apply lots of relaxing masks once your face has reached a good state! It's the initial ones that hurt!