Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey June!

Don't let me down.
Lots of things happening this month. One includes the continual search for a job closer to home. I have two leads at the moment. I hope one of them ends in success! 
The second is the Mitchell-Bassiri nuptials. I'm excited to witness the union of one my favorite couples. 
With the arrival of the second brings back my Francis! It's been a month since he's been scouting the Big Apple for his future as a big-shot artist. I can already envision our life there...subways, gallery openings, family visits, snow days, breakfast at Tiffany's. Exciting! However, having him gone reminds me of how much I treasure his presence in my life. So hurry back, love!
Then finally another month of boot camp. The first month was a complete success. I improved my scores by two-fold. Including shaving a minute and forty seven seconds off my mile run. I can't wait to start back up again. I met some awesome people during the first camp. We made a pact to return once again to spur each other on. My goal is to once again double my fitness test results.


camille said...

you can do it!

can i come visit the giampietros in ny?


Francis Giampietro said...
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Francis Giampietro said...

Wow you make me sound like such a clique love. I miss you too. I'll be back soon.

Francis Giampietro said...

The job search is over!!!!