Monday, December 7, 2009

2 strikes & counting.

A few weeks ago I ordered my wedding shoes. Sweet & feminine, they have the romantic vibe I feel my dress exudes. Unfortunately, fate is choosing to differ.

Upon their first arrival, my mom and I eagerly tore open the box only to find that the size 7 I had ordered was really a size 6 inside the size 7 box. Not a big deal, if anything it gave me the perfect preview to what was to come. I called the nice people at zappo's & they promptly sent the correct size.

Once again, I ripped into the box exclaiming "my shoes are beautiful!" only to find that the left shoe had a rather large stain. I shrugged the stain off, thinking I'd just be calling to exchange them for another 7, and proceeded to try walking in my wedding shoes on the living room carpet. Turns out that my left foot is a mutant.

Yes, my left foot is smaller than my right. Or, at least it seems to be the case with these shoes. This afternoon consisted of my third call to my new friend, Sara, at zappo's. This time I ordered the 6 1/2. Maybe they'll arrive tomorrow? If they do, I really hope this Goldilocks and the 3 bears business quits. I'd like to strut my stuff in those pretty shoes already*.

*not before June 26th of course, just around my room would be nice.

1 comment:

camille said...

ugh, what a shoesie doozy!
it's nice that you are so patient, and i am certain the wait will be worthwhile.

cannot wait to see them!

can you give us any hints, brand? heel height? satin? i'm dying!