Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The future looks bright.

I was browsing through past entries & found something that brought a smile to my face: "asinine resolutions for 2009"

To think that four days before the most amazing day of my life (up to now) I was looking upon the year rather meekly. Who would have thought that in the past year I have:

a. gotten ENGAGED!
b. landed my dream job (be careful what you wish for)
c. moved back home
d. finally made headway on the "healthy" scale
e. ate chocolate covered bacon
f. saw The Britney Spears in concert
g. went to Cozumel!
f. went to Vegas!
h. went to NYC (for the third marvelous time)!
i. made wonderful new friends

At this rate, 2010 is looking rather spiffy: an awesome hubby, Mexico, a honeymoon, new home, the possibilities are endless!


camille said...

how wonderful!

your uplifting spirit makes me excited for the new year as well. the prospect of endless possibilities is so exciting!

you've inspired me to reflect on my 2009 resolutions/thoughts.

dahnya said...

Vegas, Britney, Germany, NYC, an LV, London, milestone birthday...

and that's just off the top of my head! I can't wait to (hopefully) read your reflections of 2009.

Oscar el Mexicano said...

God Blessings are all over Pandi, I am very happy for you! - Pa

allison. said...

you've had quite a busy year!
all of it sounds so wonderful!