Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wedding blogs & our engagement pictures make me happy.Therefore, having our engagement pictures featured on one of my favorite blogs has me pinching myself in disbelief.

It is my bride-to-be dream come true!



TempestBeauty said...

Ok, so seriously... here we go.

First, at risk of sounding gay, you are GORGEOUS. Unspeakably beautiful. I hope you know that.

Second, your pictures are INCREDIBLE. Great photographer, great idea, great fun. I love it.

Third, Thank you for recommending "Away We Go." I watched it tonight, and it has now become one of my favorite movies. It was just awesome.

Fourth? I don't think I have a fourth thing. Except you're really pretty. Ha. Made you smile.

camille said...

you're a star!

camille said...

p.s. i cannot comment on the post above 'third time's the charm'?

they look beautiful!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Pictures are awesome and original, you look beautiful, Fran good looking.



whitney said...

dahnya! that's so exciting!! you guys are adorable.