Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Luck be a Lady

Thank you universe for:
1. My family. Who can laugh uproariously at a burnt entree (the turkey) and poke fun at pretty much anything.
2. My friends. For falling so unexpectedly into my life & staying there.
3. My job. As much as I bemoan it (a bit too frequently) I am grateful for having peace of mind in these troubling times.
4. My mom. For supporting me in all I do & lovingly taking over my laundry...
5. Books. For allowing me to lose myself in someone else's story & happily ever after time after time.
6. Movie fests.
7. Candles. I love walking into my lemon-lavender scented room after a long day.
8. Blogs; they're a great sneak peek into interesting lives.
9. Christmas shopping. Buying for myself is great but attempting to find the perfect gift for those you love is even better.
10. HGTV. I could watch it morning, day and night. Which, strangely enough, is exactly what I did during the break...
May your holidays shine bright!


camille said...

lovely lucky lady!

allison. said...

and thanks for you!