Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a la Ebert

In the past week I have spent over 24 hours of my life watching some sort of entertainment courtesy of Hollywood. In order to try and justify this ungodly amount of time, I'm sharing my thoughts on the following movies. In no particular order I present:
  • Funny People- starring Adam Sandler & a slim Seth Rogen a "comedy" that lasted over two hours. Two hours of never ending penis jokes, at that. It had a few moments of hilarity unfortunately, I'd laughed at them thanks to the trailers back in August.
  • Star Trek- whoa. Not only was it non-stop action, it had unbelievable special effects! I went into the movie with absolutely no Trekkie trivia in my arsenal and now? I cannot wait for the sequel. Hats off to Mr. Abrams.
  • How I Met Your Mother (season 4)- thanksgiving day was spent watching back to back episodes of Barney, Marshall, Lily, Robin & Ted. It was...wait for it. Legendary!
  • I Hate Valentine's Day- first, let me start by stating that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my all time favorite chick flicks. A part of me feels that when my wedding takes place, my family will easily replace the Greek in the title with Mexican; it parallels my family so much. However bad acting, terrible banter and a ridiculous storyline: led to a complete let down.
  • Transformers 2- ugh. It ended with me reaching for some aspirin it was so bad. If you're in need of a good laugh, skip to all the cliche Michael Bay shots (twirls, constant explosions, upward angles, sunset fused profiles) there was a plethora of them to chuckle at.
  • Away We Go- Jim, from the Office, is transformed into Burt Farlander. A sweet, soon-to-be-father who travels the country with the mother of his unborn child in search of a place to begin raising their family. It's hard to describe the genuineness of this movie. The two characters seemed so real. The different people they encountered were each irksomely hilarious & touching at the same time. By the time the movie ended, I wanted Burt & Verona to be my friends.
  • Sunshine Cleaning- a dark comedy starring Amy Adams (who I loved in Enchanted) & Emily Blunt (once again, won me over in The Devil Wears Prada). It's twisted & at times uncomfortable to watch; they each are carrying emotional turmoil but the adventures they encounter when cleaning up crime scenes are surprisingly funny.
  • Dead Snow- it's true love when I sit through a foreign zombie movie about dead Nazis butchering a group of college students. The most disturbing scene wasn't the part where one of the zombies tore apart a human's head, rather it was when the "hot" girl seduced the frat boy in the outhouse. Needless to say, we all know their fates were sealed...and not with a kiss.
  • The Ugly Truth- predictable but fulfills what every girl sighs for: love, romance, laughs. And with Gerard Butler, a bit more boy friendly.
Geekfully yours,


TempestBeauty said...

Wow. We have to be friends. Seriously.

Every movie that you've reviewed, I share your opinion EXACTLY.

And Brock and I have been debating whether or not to watch "Away We Go"... thanks to your review, we definitely WILL be.

One of the coolest things to find is someone who is movie compatible with you. Sunshine Cleaners, Funny People, Transformers... you hit them spot on. :)

camille said...

can i be your friend too?

what a fantastic review! i am no entertainment buff, but i feel more knowledgable thanks to your synopses!

i had never heard of 'away we go', but it's on my radar now.

you are just so cool.

camille said...

p.s. i know how to spell synopsis...but what is the plural?

i took a chance with 'synopses'...

allison. said...

i should always go to you for movie reviews... these are perfect!

(and with star trek, how could you not fall in love with spock?!)

(sorry fran.)