Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sugar Plums & Fairies

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of going to the ballet. The costumes, the music, the dancing, the all holds this grand allure.
My parents have never expressed an interest & needless to say, boys are not too keen on venturing out to the ballet. Each year the idea to attend would spring to mind but then with the whirlwind of the holidays would soon end up evaporating.
But, this year the dream will finally twirl into reality. I have a friend who was gracious enough to offer me the chance to attend The Nutcracker. Wortham Theatre, tutus and ballerinas: here I come!


camille said...

aww! you know that i love the ballet.
i grew up dancing the nutcracker. i have held the following roles:

christmas tree angel
prologue party guest
clara (sometimes named 'marie')
mother ginger girl

...hmm, likely more, but i forget. i used to know the entire ballet by heart! enjoy!!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Pandi: I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I've always asked myself why for the ballet they don't find taller baillarinas, instead of those poor girls dancing on their toes all the time! Besos - Pa

allison. said...

you could always come hang out at our house... it's sort of like a ballet / musical at any given moment.

enjoy the nutcracker!

Francis Giampietro said...

Some boys might want to go. You just have to ask them on days that their close friends aren't having art openings.

Sorry love.