Monday, January 18, 2010

A dozen steps to a dozen.

Step 1: locate your shortest six roses.

Step 3: have the instructor remember that before the tape comes the flower powder! 

step 4: begin arranging your first six flowers in a clockwork fashion.

step 5: before inserting a rose, snip the stem at an angle so that the flower can "breathe"

step 6: carefully choose the greenery which will be joining your first six roses...

step 7: ignore the ugly bumps your lovely flowers will be surrounded by.

step 8: stop and smell the roses.

step 9: inspect your handiwork.

step 10: share your creation.
step 11: pose for a website picture (maybe)!

step 12: attempt a shoot (of sorts) with your puffy arrangement.


dahnya said...

I cannot fix the gaps. :(

Leila! said...

I feel like I can make my very own arrangement now!
J/K (I'm not cut out for this sort of thing)-- but nice step-by-step directions! Made for a fun entry!

camille said...

what a great student!
thanks for sharing the photos from your awesome camera.

let it be known that your arrangement was hands-down the best in the class!

allison. said...

i LOVE this! thanks for documenting our day, dahnya!

my one question... why am i creep staring in step 8?!