Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gateway to the Pacific

Friday, long before the sun rises, I will be buckled in ready to depart to: Seattle! In preparation for our trip to the rainy city, the following foot gear has been purchased:

Our new gear will be breaking new ground as we hit the Space Needle, the Seattle Center, Pike Place Market, and my personal favorite? The Fremont Troll. Oh, and did I mention we could also visit the first original Starbucks? I figure popping in for a toasty chai tea on a more-than-likely rainy day will not hurt. 

Matty G is up for his first Seattle performance, who better than his biggest fans to cheer him on! Due to the short trip we may not hit everything on my wish list but, at least now I can check the capitol of grunge of my list of places to see.

On another note, it's my second trip for the month. Resolution 2010, month of January: check.


allison. said...

there's a troll under the bridge!

have fun and send matt a "break a leg" for me!

Leila! said...

Aw! Have fun! And tell Matt I said hello and to also "break a leg."

Is your resolution to take a trip a month?

camille said...


take photos--especially of pikes place market.

i'll treat for your coffee if you manage to snatch some for me as well!

oh, and as usual--a post card is most welcome. time permitting.

good luck, matt!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

With such gear you can go to the rain forest in Costa Rica, not to Seattle! According to this website, Seattle has chance for rain, but not during the weekend, Saturday is expected to be sunny:


dahnya said...

Leila, my resolution is to take 2 trips a month- even if they are local day trips. I feel TX has so much to explore & yet I want to gallivant all over the world with no money to quite manage it...

Cami, the pictures are a given! As is the post card. :)

Dad! Merci beaucoup por darme el prognostico. Me hubiera ahorrado los $24 que costaron las botas.

whitney said...

ugh, i love seattle. please bring me back a dozen little mini-doughnuts from the tiny shop at pikes place. and a jar full of the fresh air. and a pretty tree from bainbridge island.

have fun! i can't wait to see pictures!

Picture Me Married said...

Hey! I think we were there at the same time!!