Wednesday, February 24, 2010

38 years from now...

Thanks to Camille's previous entry; I have been inspired:

I have a little box filled with mementos that has slowly been accumulating since the day Fran proposed. Some things are so vitally attached to a memory that I can not picture me ever parting with it (ie: the ribbon around the bakery box or the business card of the bridal shop I visited with my mom & aunts while in Mexico). Yet these "little" things take up space. Space I do not have. So, either in the box they would stay until one day I succumb to the dormant neat freak in me and throw them out or...I could "copy, paste" the answer Camille's blog had given me.

It was a longer hunt for the shadow box than I had anticipated. I looked everywhere! Michael's, Hobby Lobby...alright, I hit the first two without any success and the idea sort of flew away. Until I happened to walk into TJ Maxx (always a hit or miss) the other day. As is the way of life, when I was least expecting it, I stumbled across my little shadow box. I don't think I found what I had originally gone in for but, the moment I saw the box the light bulb lit up once again.

It has taken a few days of digging through boxes and files but, for the most part, my memory box is coming along.

I love knowing my treasured trinkets have found a home and that as time flies by, the ones that are sure to come will be able to join them.


camille said...


your collection is already so beautiful, and you will love having a home for all of your treasures. good luck, and enjoy the process!

Leila! said...

Beautiful Dahnya! Well done. And the frame of that shadow box is perfect.