Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little bird...

Coming home from Marfa I was greeted by the following envelope:

Not knowing anyone from Berkeley, not recognizing the handwriting and it no longer being Valentine's Day, I was somewhat hesitant tearing into the package. Seeing as the envelope was somewhat lumpy, my guess was leaning towards some sort of cheap (yet intriguing) gimmick from a jeweler. Much to my delight, inside I found the loveliest wax envelope and seal:

But, I still had no clue as to who the sender was- which meant I had to carefully break the seal to get some answers. As gently as I could I pried the seal loose and shook out...

the teeniest, tiniest, fragile card I had ever received! 

Unfolding the magnifier, I squinted my left eye and started reading the minuscule print. In a surprisingly long (and sweet) paragraph I slowly came to find out that Miss Allison Micus was wishing Fran & I a happy valentine/lupercalia day! Hands down, best Valentine's day gift. Ever. The opening of envelope after envelope was definitely a highlight. As well as the novelty of magnifying a card (sneak peek into my geriatric future?) but overall my favorite part was the miniature seal on the mini envelope:

Thank you Alli!


camille said...

i'm just catching up on all of your posts, but my next post mirrors this one!
so neat & cute!

your life is so wonderful at the moment. keep up the loveliness!

Leila! said...

Dahnya! This is so cute!!
Thanks for walking us through the suspense one step at a time. I was trying to guess as you were telling the story. Nice!!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Talk about the economic crisis, people are even saving off from sending normal cards! I like your magnifier, is for geologists!.

Hugs, love.

Lindsay said...

Love this tiny card and the seal is just sugar on top! Where did she find this?!