Thursday, February 11, 2010

Address unknown.

Shameful bride confession: I look through our gift registry at once a day. One, to admire the lovely things I hope to adorn (or stock, really) our future home with. Two, on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, someone decided to stock up on a Garcia-Giampietro gift. It had been at least three weeks since Fran & I had registered. As I scrolled through tonight, I shouted with absolute shock & delight because multiple items had been "fulfilled". 

I can't wait to thank the mystery shopper(s) in person. Until that day arrives, Mystery Shopper: thank you! I cannot wait to decorate my Martha stands with delicious cupcakes & to wake up to Fran slurping his cereal out of his Lord of the Ring bowls. But, most of all, I cannot wait to have our matching suitcases earn their airport badges of honor as we travel the world. First two stops: Mexico & Ireland! 


Francis Giampietro said...

Word! LotR bowls!!!!

Leila! said...

(1) I love Fran's comment.
(2) I'm so jealous!! This sounds like so much fun!
(3) Ireland!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm even more jealous.

Trade lives with me. Please?

camille said...

Dahnya--quit looking!!!

dahnya said...

Camille, I cannot help it! It's like breathing...I don't even think about it, I just "click" and do.