Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Old Bimbolin

Bimbo, my family's soon-to-be 12 year old toy Maltese:

His little nose is almost completely discolored. 
He's stinky.
He uses the bathroom every 20 minutes.
He makes annoying smacking noises when I'm trying to read wedding blogs online. 
He breathes heavily. 
He usurps my entire bed.
He barks at dogs from our second floor window as they walk by.
He demands attention the second you approach the door. 

And yet, he is the most gentle, loving little creature known to man. As I type, he is snuffling next to me. Stay healthy, mi Bimbolin! I need you around to guard my room after the wedding. 


Leila! said...

Oh my goodness... He is so precious Dahnya!
And this post is so sweet!

camille said...

aww, what a sweet old man!