Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More wedding blogs!

Clint, our engagement photographer, alerted me to the fact that our pictures were posted on another wedding blog the other day.

I must confess, I do not tire of seeing these pictures. It's funny to think how eager I was to see these and yet, I don't think it'll even begin to compare to how I'll feel upon seeing June 26th (and 27th) captured on film. Only 134 more days. Time sure does fly when you're...well, busy*. 

*Not to imply that wedding planning is not fun (because I truly am enjoying it) however, work is keeping me fully focused on TAKS. Leaving me no room to daydream while at my desk.


Leila! said...


I never tire of seeing them either. They are so, absolutely perfect. No wonder they're being featured!!

I kind of want your autograph!!

camille said...


Lydia Yeung said...

one of the MOST creative engagement sessions I've ever seen! good luck with the wedding planning and best of wishes to you both :)