Friday, February 5, 2010

My Everest.

These jeans you see here were a Christmas gift given to me by my mom about, 6 years ago. They didn't fit then and they still do not fit now. However, as of today they actually sit on my waist. Before they pretty much stayed stuck around my knees. If I was having a good year, maybe up to my rear. 

I am 7 pounds from reaching my weight loss goal. 

As excited as I am about reaching the mark, I am in the process of formulating two new ones:

1. Fit into those forsaken jeans. Which, may I add, are hopelessly out of style. For starters, they are so light-washed! I don't know what I was thinking. The other is that they are a bit too flared for my taste now. But, for the sake of sheer determinedness (is that a word), I am going to fit into them! 

2. Begin Bikram yoga. Thank you Leila for your inspiration. I am hoping to tone up the flab so that when I wave my arm stays tight and firm. I am going to sit down and analyze both my bank statements (since hot yoga is hell on your finances) as well as my schedule. It's going to be pretty tough to make it out to the 4:30 classes but I know I can make it work, even if it is three times a week. 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...


camille said...

what an accomplishment. you can do it. think of the benefits from the yoga: not only physical, but spiritual & mental as well.


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Pandi, the word is right, this is what I've found in the Webster:

Main Entry: de·ter·mined
Pronunciation: determined
Function: adjective
Date: 1513
1 : having reached a decision: firmly resolved "determined to be a Geologist"

2 a : showing determination "a determined effort"
b: characterized by determination (will deter all but the most determined thief — Security World)

— de·ter·mined·ly = adverb

— de·ter·mined·ness = noun

Asi que "good job" ya puedes concursar en cualquier spelling abeja.


whitney said...

yay yay! congrats!

camille said...

jajaja--'spelling abeja'.

Leila! said...

Dahnya! I am so proud of you! I really want to see you. Allison was telling me awesome you look!!!!

You are inspiring!

Bikram Yoga--if you need someone to go with you to start off--I'll join you!!

Leila! said...

And hey -- what about good old fashioned push-ups to tone up your arms? Camille inspires me to do this.

Or just basic dumbbells. 10 lbs can really work your arms if you look up some dumbbell exercises online!

Francis Giampietro said...

I keep telling Dahnya we should go to the gym together. She responds with "For the sake of our relationship I think we definitely shouldn't." I've come to the conclusion that she may be right. In stead, Hot Yoga here I come. I'm gonna get ripped! I'm eating nothing but chicken, tuna and veggies till the wedding! Well starting after that pizza in the fridge... and Suegra's (my soon to be Mother in law's) food. There's no way I can say no it's too amazing.