Thursday, February 4, 2010

R.I.P. Mr. New York Cubicle

Work the past few weeks has been go-go-go. Test after test, attending trainings, preparing trainings to present, disciplining students, testing students, inputting data, analyzing data, compiling papers, and so forth it goes...

I am grateful for the pace as it has made the days start to blend leading us ever closer to May 28th, the last day of the school year. Which is a skip and a hop from June 26th! Thank goodness I work in a place where I am not only appreciated (most of the time, I like to think)- I am sorely missed when I'm gone. After all, who would do all the thousands of translations?

So when I received the following image in an email, my heart went out for the poor man.


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Knock on wood Pandi, how creepy was it to find that poor guy uh? it seems like he didn't work much at all!

Hugs, love.

camille said...

this is terribly sad!

Leila! said...

This IS sad Dahnya!!

There's no way anyone could go without missing you. You are definitely a presence!