Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TX Wears Prada

After five years of patiently awaiting, I finally got to visit Prada Marfa. Inside were beautiful leather handbags and elegant pumps. It was window shopping at its finest. For those of you who would someday like to visit, I have a few bits of advice:

. fill up your tank before leaving Marfa, TX because the 35+ miles to the store has you driving past Valentine, TX. A town that has two defunct gas stations. We learned this the hard way. A big cyber shout out to Sam who was kind enough to share his cell phone number with us in case our car sputtered out from a lack of gasoline. 

. go twice. Once during the day & the other when the sun is coming down. I wish I'd seen it in both lights. Especially since the artists who put together the piece have the store lit up at night. 

Otherwise, keep on shopping!


Leila! said...

This is awesome!!!
One day we will be rich enough to buy this stuff w/o batting an eye.
Very cute picture Dahnya!

camille said...

Yay! This is awesome!
Now, we just have to find the artist who made Lily's sign on GG so that we can purchase one of our own.

Oscar el Mexicano said...

I wonder how famous / important is that Prada to go so far, it looks like a microscopic shop, is that the mall in Marfa, Texas? I am somewhat confused.

Now, going into a highway with half filled is not very intelligent, be careful, that happened to me going to see your Mom in Hermosillo one "Holly Week" the problem is that everybody was on vacation including Pemex!

I am glad you learned something important. Looks like you solved the problem, in my times there were no cell phones, so you had to go to the nearest town, or sleep in your truck zzzzz.


Francis Giampietro said...

Yeah your Dad is right it was stupid. I knew we could make it to Valentine and I stupidly figured that every town has a gas station. Especially if there isn't another town within 30 miles each direction. This dumb Yankee was proven very wrong thankfully without any major repercussions.

Lessons learned:

1) When in doubt always fill up, especially in nowhere Texas.

2) All things Valentine suck. Fake Holidays, towns et-cetera.

dahnya said...

But, Fran! Thanks to Valentine's day we met Marfa, TX thereby shooting down your "I hate all things Valentine" idea. :)